Sashas Mobile Magic Shine Ocean City Rehoboth Beach Automboile Detailing

Equipment Supplies & Materials Magic Shine Uses

Sasha’s Mobile Magic Shine uses only the best supplies and state-of-the-art equipment to wash and detail our customers’ vehicles. We know that having the proper supplies is key to providing a thorough cleaning and polishing on a professional level.



• Wet / dry vacuum – shampooing and upholstering carpet
• Air compressor – allows for cleaning in between seat, in buttons, cracks and crevices, in door seals, etc.
• Cyclo polisher – triples as a buffer, polisher and waxer, helps to remove scratches and add shine to paint
• Pressure washer – for overall washing of your vehicle


• Maguiars All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate
• Maguiars Super Degreaser Concentrate
• Maguiars Tire Dressing
• Maguiars Clay Bar
• Maguiars Compound
• Maguiars Polish
• Maguiars Synthetic Sealant Wax
• Maguiars Hypo Dressing Concentrate
• Maguiars Wheel Brightener
• Crevice brushes
• Microfiber towels
• No-lint gloss towels
• Cotton towels
• Steel wool
• Paint thinner
• Bristle carpet brushes
• Double-headed tooth brushes
• Long-handled brushes
• Bug bricks
• Pet hair removal stone
• Razor
• Wax and grease remover
• Goof-Off
• Floor mat hangers
• Carpet spot cleaner